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One on one therapy is a fantastic opportunity when someone needs a safe space to process through difficulties or challenges in your career, with friends, or other social situations that may cause anxiety, stress, or undesired outcomes to arise. Additionally, individual therapy allows for extra attention and time to explore how your past experiences (e.g., trauma, childhood, culture,) may be influencing your personality and how you present in your relationships.  This will make your work in relational therapy more effective because it is difficult to extend love and compassion toward another when you may struggle to provide these same feelings toward yourself at times. I believe that therapy works best when you feel that I am someone you can trust and enjoy spending time with, so let's schedule a phone call or first meeting to see if we are compatible. If you find that my style is just not right for you, I am happy to refer you to one of my colleagues in the community who can take over where you & I left off. 


It can feel impossible to have the entire family on the same page, especially in the time constrained and hectic lifestyles we live today.  With technology isolating us from one another and hindering open and honest communication, it can feel extremely daunting to think about working on the entire family. If you feel like your family meetings or interventions are not creating the change you would like to see it may be a great time to have a therapist who can look out for the needs and values of everyone in your family while you work through your own needs. Fortunately, the most effective work is performed in family therapy because of the opportunity to have input from each family member instead of trying to work on the family with only one perspective. If you want to move from tension and miscommunication to collaboration, respect and change; it may be the right time to look into this valuable service.


We have all been exposed to different types of adult relationships as children, which, combined with our life experiences and past relationships, cause us to develop unique ways to protect ourselves and react to our partners when we feel unsafe, hurt or misunderstood. Unfortunately, many individuals struggle to communicate because they lack an awareness of their unique protective mechanisms as well as that of their partner, which causes further tension or distance to occur. It is my goal to support each partner in learning their own nervous systems and attachment styles formed in childhood and throughout life so that each individual can communicate their emotional and physical needs to their partner. This will allow clients to learn how to respond appropriately and soothe their partner in the way that brings about healing, understanding, and loving connection.  Many couples struggle to balance their feelings of desire with their need for love and commitment.  In therapy we can explore the balance of these two vital ingredients in a relationship to understand where things may be starting to erode or create distance. 

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is specifically tailored to work on issues that may be connected to an individual's past or present concerns with their unique form of sexuality and intimacy. Exploring the way we connect with ourselves and others through our sexuality is often overlooked in therapy and can be one of the most profound ways to bring about change in our lives connected to many domains such as self-esteem, anxiety, relationship difficulties, and overall quality of life. My priority as your sex therapist is to create a safe, and explorative atmosphere that is welcoming of all sexual orientations and relationship constellations. Unfortunately, many of us have been exposed to sex negative messages from our family or religious/cultural backgrounds and most schools offer poor sexual health education, leaving many adults, young and old to have long held misconceptions about what is "normal" sexual behavior. Screw normal, let's figure out what feels right for you and figure out a healthy way to express where you are today as a sexual being while acknowledging that we are constantly changing and evolving. 

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