I was born in Washington State, where my favorite childhood memories were playing in the lush forest and exploring the wonders of life in every tide pool and under every rock at the beach. Then my mother craved the sunshine, so we moved to Las Vegas. Las Vegas was certainly a unique place for me to grow up and later as an adult I was exposed to the unique Sin City atmosphere and how it influenced human behavior and sexuality, which fascinated me! While attending UNLV for Anthropology, in an attempt to try and understand this unique environment all around me, I took an array of sexuality classes as I was fascinated to learn more about this topic that Americans are still very private about. After college, I brought this fascination for exploring human culture and behavior into my travels to Europe, S.E. Asia, & Oceania, where I continued to learn, in conversations with other travelers, how unique every individual’s sexuality is based on their culture, life experiences, personality, imagination and so much more! These fascinating experiences and conversations, along with my intuitive nature motivated me to pursue a career in Marriage & Family Therapy, so that I could keep expanding my knowledge of why we are the way we are. 

            I have always had a curiosity for life, nature, and how we humans fit into the puzzle of it all, but I have not always known that being a therapist would be a source of purpose in my life. Right after high school, I joined the Army National Guard and served for seven years both stateside and on deployment in Afghanistan. This previous chapter of my life was fundamental to my growth as a person, however it also lead to a long process of reintegration. Meditation, yoga, therapy, and time in nature have been some of the most dominant factors that have helped me to adapt and learn how to thrive with my emotions in a way that leads to integration instead of internal conflict and division. The struggle continues, but now I appreciate the struggle for continuing to provide me with new seeds of wisdom and recognize that we must accept suffering and change as constant and that we have the responsibility to choose how we respond to life instead of being stuck in reactivity. 

            Being raised by a resilient single mother motivates my work with youth and families who may struggle with the obstacles of divorce or separation. Through my own path of adapting, healing & growth, I believe that all individuals should feel entitled to construct their own expression of masculinity or femininity in line with their own values, feelings and internal sense of knowing instead of what society may expect! Growing up without a male role model, I understand the difficulty men face in today’s world of mixed messages and unhealthy expectations of masculinity. Through my previous work in youth mentoring programs such as Colorado Youth Outdoors, CSU Campus Connections and Partner's Mentoring Youth, I have developed a passion working with adolescents and adult men to help them flourish into authentic, compassionate, & independent individuals to grow as friends, lovers, & fathers. 

Therapeutic Philosophy


Adaptive Therapy seeks to provide clients a safe space to explore their current situation with a new perspective to facilitate progress in the areas of their life where they feel stuck. When we can understand how humans evolved in our natural environment, we can understand how today's modern environment (e.g., fast-paced, performance driven, technology dependent, concrete jungle, socially isolated families, etc.), can bring about struggles, unhealthy habits & thoughts. Moreover, we believe that healthy connections with others and a balanced lifestyle (biopsychosocialecological-spiritual) combine to create holistic wellness, which helps prevent or mitigate most addictions and mental health difficulties. By viewing the client's concerns through a family systems approach, we can better understand how we as a family, community, and society are all interdependent. Unlike therapy that focuses only on the individual, this systemic approach enables us to accomplish lasting change. To facilitate this process, adaptive therapy utilizes a vast array of therapeutic techniques (art, play, & nature therapy etc.,) to work with clients who may struggle with traditional talk based therapy, so they can present their most authentic self. The inner peace we all strive to attain and maintain can become clouded and difficult to access, especially for those who feel as though they've never had it to begin with. Adaptive Therapy provides an ideal setting to access and cultivate a stronger connection with that inner peace so we can bring love and compassion into our external and internal worlds.


Professional Experience 

Colorado Youth Outdoors - Pro Staff Instructor

2018 - 2019 

CSU Health Network Counseling Services - Academic Year Counselor  

2018 - Present

Center for Family & Couple Therapy  -  MFT Therapist Intern


CSU Parenting Young Children Project - Research Experimenter   2015-17

Partners Mentoring Youth - School Based Mentor 


CSU Campus Connections - Therapist / Instructor



Other Experiences/Involvement

  • Vipassana Meditation 10 day silent retreat

  • Mindful Community Yoga Group 7 day 

  • Zendo Project Psychedelic Peer Support CE

  • Reconnecting to Our Nature 4 part retreat with Chuck Hancock 

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