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Here you will find the necessary forms to fill out for your first session. These forms will aid me in providing the highest quality support to you throughout our work together, so these are essential to complete before we start. Additionally, I have included other resources and book recomendations that may benefit clients to get the most out of therapy and to support their journey of exploration, adaptation & healing. If you would like to see more resources, articles, & presentations be sure to check out my Facebook page above. 

Client information 
Therapy Forms

This form helps me learn more about you as a client.

Disclosure Statement

This form describes my credentials, the therapy process, confidentiality, your rights as a client, and therapy policies.

Child Information Form

This form helps me learn more about you as a client.

Release of Information

If you would like me to be in contact with any other professionals (ex. teacher, other therapists, medical doctors), please fill this form out.


Client Resources 
Warning Signs of Bad Therapy

Love, Dating, Intimacy, Marriage

Sexuality, Nonmonogamy, Kink

Family, Parenting

Trauma, Mindfulness, Nature Therapy, Other

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