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I'm an individual, relational, and family therapist in Fort Collins CO. Since I was a young boy, my passion has been understanding how we evolved, and specifically how human behavior has changed over time, which is why I love working with clients from all walks of life. I combine a biopsychosocialevolutionaryspiritual approach to psychotherapy. This combined with my systemic and relational training are some of the lenses I use while working with your goals and your relationship with yourself to help foster change, adaptation and evolution in your life. I view therapy as an opportunity for people to explore themselves, and to free themselves from feeling stuck, alone, and confused. If you seek motivation, support, or some tools to become your ideal self, I would be humbled to join and support you along your journey. We all struggle to adapt sometimes, whether it's in a new or long-term relationship, the workplace, family challenges, or a temporary burden in your path. My purpose is to work with you to determine the ideal plan that works with your values and goals in a motivated and compassionate manner to ensure growth, healing, and success! 

I love working with youth and adolescents who find themselves in environments where one or both parents may be struggling to be present in the way they need or may struggle to be involved in their life.  As a Gottman Level 2 certified couples therapist, I have training and resources that serves couples in their desire to feel more understood, heard, and validated by their partner so that they can find dialogue around gridlocked issues or find healthy compromises in their relationship to serve their life dreams. Additionally, I am fascinated by my work with clients who identify with an alternative lifestyle or sexuality and I value supporting all ways of loving and relating to become safe, loving, and adventurous.  

As a military veteran, I have great honor and pride in working with my fellow soldiers, airmen, marines, & sailors. Whether it entails supporting them & their families while they traverse the military lifestyle or to join them as they adapt to their new civilian career by finding new purpose and meaning. At the end of the day I feel my purpose is to   

be a bridge for my clients.

I bring a unique style of therapy based on my ability to be honest and direct with clients as I have seen that this approach is appreciated by many and helps bring clarity to those I work with as they have been stuck due to their inability to own that within them that needs to be transformed. By striving to meet my clients where they are with acceptance, curiosity, and love, I believe my clients will find that they can feel safe to explore those parts of themselves that they normally keep locked away as they fear that society may label them as being "not normal." Please give me a call to see if I will be the right person to join you on your journey.  

  • Master's of Science in Human Development & Family studies with a focus in Marriage & Family Therapy

    •  Colorado State University 

  • Bachelor's of Arts in Biological Anthropology

    • University of Nevada Las Vegas

  • Gottman Couples Method Level 2 Certification

  • American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy: Pre-Clinical Fellow

  • Marriage & Family Therapy Candidate



  • Men's Issues/Masculinity

  • Anxiety / Depression

  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

  • Sexuality, Non-monogamy, Kink/BDSM

  • Communication Skills

  • Couples Counseling

  • Transitionary Difficulties

  • Self-esteem

  • Identity Formation & Finding Meaning in Life

  • Video Game/Porn/Internet Addiction

  • Nature Based Healing

  • Family Therapy

  • Military Families / Veterans 

  • Adolescent/Teen issues

  • Single parent /divorced families



Phone: 970 - 825 - 3848

Address: 2625 Redwing Rd, Suite 110, Fort Collins, CO 80526


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Communication with Mark Cunningham via email, including responses from him via email if you have so allowed, does not constitute a therapeutic relationship. Such relationship is not commenced until you have made a formal appointment for therapy and completed a signed treatment contract or signed a disclosure statement. Also, please note that email is not considered a confidential form of communication and personal details should not be relayed in electronic messages.

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